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Hello, my name is Moe and I invite you to read a bit more about me, and hopefully we get to learn more about each other’s stories when we meet; my life is a collection of most interesting turns of events, and my favourite aspect of my career is getting to know your stories as well! Born in Scarborough, Ontario, the youngest of 4 children to the two of the hardest working immigrant parents that fled war and civil unrest in Lebanon in the early 1980s. My parents raised my siblings and I on the values of humility, hard work, kindness, and that all dreams are possible, as long as you work towards them. My dream was to grow up to be like my grandfather, a man with the strongest work ethic who built a family enterprise working in home construction while running his own store. I wanted to build dream homes, and help others have their dream properties, and together, we build the most beautiful cities and neighborhoods. At the age of 16, I was determined to forge my own path early in life and accomplish my dreams on my own; I moved to Fort McMurray, working 3 jobs while completing high school working nightshifts overnight, school during the day, then work in the evening. Once I graduated I moved to Edmonton to attend MacEwan University for my Management Studies, and it was then that I fell in love with our beautiful city that has been my home for 12 great years. Over the past decade I had a lifetime of adventure nurturing relationships, working hard on building my portfolio of expertise, from sales and marketing management, business analysis & development, to consulting and advisory work in the home construction, modular & commercial construction, and professional business services overseeing teams of sales professionals. Throughout my career I have had the privilege and the pleasure of assisting hundreds of clients with the highest level of devotion, dedication, and first-class service. The hallmark of my professional dealings is my sincerity, authenticity, and trustworthiness, which have allowed me to build lasting relationships spanning years of continuous service and adding value to my clients. I look forward to being able to extend you the same courtesy, and I invite you to connect with me for a coffee, and get to know one another, and explore how I can bring you peace of mind and lasting value for years to come.

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